Foster real-time collaboration with SYSTRAN Add-On for Microsoft Lync

In today’s digital world, multilinguism is more than a vital business asset; it’s key to corporate survival. Social media networks have smashed geographic, political and cultural barriers. Economic globalization, including the rise of emerging economies, have made cross-border communication essential to successful collaboration. Companies that improve their ability to communicate clearly among far-flung customers and colleagues will have a definite advantage as they expand market reach.

Fancy collaborative tools such as instant messaging hold strong promises of better and smarter cooperation within companies. Unfortunately, the language barrier can mitigate these benefits: promoting real-time communication through collaborative tools can also generate significant stress for employees with low language proficiency, or even exclude key people from critical information flows.

How SYSTRAN helps

By providing a centralized translation server on site, along with an easy-to-install Add-On for MS Lync, SYSTRAN helps international organizations facilitate cross-border communication within and between linguistically diverse employees, partners and customers.

Key benefits

  • Security: no data loss or breach in confidentiality
  • Flexibility: easy to integrate and maintain
  • Customization: domain-specific translations based on in-house content and dictionaries
  • Scalability: it can be used to meet other enterprise needs (e.g. customer support)

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