Improve international collaboration with a secure and integrated Machine Translation solution

In today's digital world, multilinguism is more than a vital business asset

Social media networks have smashed geographic, political and cultural barriers. Economic globalization, including the rise of emerging economies, have made cross-border communication essential to successful collaboration. Companies that improve their ability to communicate clearly among far-flung customers and colleagues will have a definite advantage as they expand market reach faster. Global companies need more than "one-size-fits-all" English. Their success depends on real-time multilingual communication. Content from around the world needs to be understood immediately, intensifying existing pressures on staff resources.

Ensure information security

Employees are increasingly using Cloud services (Shadow IT) without even notifying the IT department. This behavior is not risk free and the use of translation services on the Web is among one of these risky practices. Free, web-based automatic translation "machines" may seem attractive, but users risk cyber security breaches that threaten information confidentiality.

Why choose SYSTRAN?

By providing a centralized translation server on site, SYSTRAN keeps all your sensitive information secure and confidential. Moreover, SYSTRAN translations are fully customizable and take into account brand names, product names, technical or trade-specific vocabulary.

Key benefits

  • Sicurezza delle informazioni: No data loss or breach in confidentiality.
  • Accurate translations: Best-in-class machine translation technology (new neural machine translation engine - PNMT™), domain-specific translations based on in-house content and dictionaries.
  • Easy to use translation tools: large range of user-friendly tools including :
    • Translation tools on collaborative workspaces (Intranet, Enterprise Social Network, Wikis, SharePoint)
    • Integration into office automation software (Plugins for Microsoft Office)
    • Real-time communication (multilingual chat, instant messaging)


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