Dictionary Manager

Used with certain SYSTRAN products, the SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager – or SDM – lets you create and maintain user-defined dictionaries that provide the software with greater understanding and coverage about the subject matter you want to translate.

About Translation Software

Translation software is based on dictionaries optimized for general texts. Its aim is to provide a “gisting level” translation (i.e., to look at a foreign newspaper article and be able to understand the main ideas). The quality of translation software is directly tied to the level of “understanding” achieved by the system. In order to gain a good level of “understanding”, the system must obtain not only a correct syntactic analysis of the text, but also a correct semantic analysis. This is because some words will have different meanings and syntactic behavior, depending on the semantic context in which they are used. In addition, many multiword expressions that are frequently used in specialized domains (such as “internet protocol”) are usually not present in generic dictionaries.

The Importance of User Dictionaries

You can create a User Dictionary by adding new words and terms related to a specific domain (subject). These dictionary entries increase the software’s understanding of the subject intended for translation. This means that if you apply a User Dictionary during the translation process, the translation results will be higher than gisting level. User Dictionary entries override the million plus built-in entries contained in SYSTRAN’s main dictionaries during the translation process.

Learn more about SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager

The SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager is available in three versions. These are Basic, Advanced and Expert.

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